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These instructions are for Mac and Linux users. We welcome Windows users, but I havn’t the foggiest which of this applies to you.

Download With Git

Download the code from


Use git:

git clone git://

At the moment, RawScripts runs on Google AppEngine, but all my work right now is put towards getting it off of AppEngine. So right now, the branch “master” contains all the AppEngine specific code. The branch “freedom” contains all the new code for getting off of AppEngine. Please Work From The Freedom Branch.

First see where the “freedom” branch is::
git branch -a

The first time, the “freedom” branch will likely be listed as something like “remotes/origin/freedom”. To make it a local, workable branch, use git checkout -t remotes/origin/freedom. Otherwise, just use git checkout freedom.

Once you have checked out freedom, create your own branch to work in:

git branch awesome_feature
git checkout awesome_feature

Then start working on your awesome feature.

Setup Your Environment

The best way to handle working with RawScripts is to set up virtualenv. This allows you to use various python packages by just installing them to the rawscripts directory. Get virtualenv installed, then from the command line, change directories into the rawscripts project. Make that directory a virtualenv with:

virtualenv ./

This creates a whole python file structure in that directory. Then activate virtualenv with:

source bin/activate

Now you can add install python packages for Rawscripts while keeping them all within the Rawscripts project. Neat!

Get the Libraries Used

There is a new script to help grab all the needed libraries. From the project’s root directory run:


That grabs for you all the needed python packages described in requirments.txt.

Running Locally

There is a sample, and you should be able to copy that to The settings in that file should be obvious. They’re all set up for development, so if you don’t know, you probabaly don’t need to touch ‘em.

Start up Mongo!

If all the previous steps have gone well, then from the root of the project run python Open a browser, and go to http://localhost:5000.

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