Contributing To The Project

There are MANY ways to contribute. Even if you don’t write code, we need writers, producers, testers, bug reporters, complainers, visionaries, evangelists, graphic designers, UI designers, system administrators, and sages. But if you DO write code, that’s awesome too. Either way, you should start by:

Joining the Community

The first thing to do is get in on the conversation, say “hey”, see what people are up to.

  • Check out the mailing list on google groups
  • Come chat on IRC at #rawscripts on

Step one complete? Awesome. Start getting involved in any number of ther ways. Like:

Use the Software

You can go use the software this minute at

We need writers using the software, and we need their feedback. It can also be a good way to familiarize yourself with the project.

Write Code

Download code and libraries, make a new branch in git and go for it.

Check out more complete instructions for getting started.


If you like what you see, get the word out there however you know how. Blog, post to messege boards, talk it up around the water cooler. And let us know what you’re up to.

File Bugs

There is an issue tracker set up at

There you can tell everyone what’s broken or missing or odd. Be sure to write up everything you know, like how to reproduce the problem, which browser you were using, did it used to work...? Anything and everything.

Run Your Own Instance

Have mercy, you want to run this code yourself?!

Cool! Check out instructions and warnings.

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