So What’s RawScripts? (i.e. ‘intro’)

Rawscripts is browser based screenwriting software. You open up your web browser and you can write, edit, manage and collaborate on your screenplays. It’s the software currently running at, if you want to see what it’s got.

Who Made Rawscripts?

Hey, I’m Ritchie. I make short videos time to time, and write and go to school. Also, I made this screenwriting software with no real background in programming. That means I’m really proud of what I made, but it also forewarns you about what’s inside.

What It Was

This was the plaything of someone who wanted to learn how the internet works.

Rawscripts was also a tool I started making for myself because other screenwriting software wasn’t cutting it. Then, as the software got better, it was a tool for me and family and some friends. I worked alone, for fun, and more people signed up, and now I’m hosting a couple thousand screenplays.

Also, Rawscripts was, until recently, proprietary software.

What It Has Become

Rawscripts has become both full featured software and an ugly bag of code vomit, all licensed under the AGPLv3. Enjoy.

An Ugly Bag of Code Vomit

Rawscripts was a way to learn some programming skills and it shows. What time I put into Rawscripts now is often just cleaning up poor decisions I’ve made. Here are some things I’ve been dealing with:

  • Messy, inefficient code. But it works!
  • Some parts were written recently. Some of the code written when I was a total newbie.
  • Poor documentation
  • Built on AppEngine. A good, nerf way to get going, but it’s time to end that relationship and get the code working on any LAMP-ish stack.
  • Tests? Damn, that’d be nice.


I’ve spent a year learning programming through web tutorials, message boards, and studying freely distributed code. And you’ve got to me. You’ve won me over Mr. Stallman. AGPLv3 moving forward.

But more than just Open Source, this ought to be a community creating the tools we use. Come by and say hi!

What It Will Be

I like this thing, but theres big room for improvement. Rawscripts should be:

  • Easily installed and hosted anywhere (Not just AppEngine)
  • Scalable from one user on a plug server to a video production studio with hundreds of collaborators
  • Should somehow federate with other installations.
  • Should be extensible to fit peoples different production needs.
  • World domination or whatever
  • Committed to using and supporting open standards and platforms

So, that’s pretty straight forward.

How is Rawscripts Licensed?


The text of the license should be included when the project is downloaded. It can also be read online at