Philosophy and Goals

Just a few of the guiding ideas that have shaped the project so far:

Works The Same From Any Computer

There are always problems when trying to use files and programs across different operating systems, and that’s lost time trying to solve problems. That’s why Rawscripts is built on HTML and Javascript, so it runs in the browser wherever you may be. No downloads, no plugins, just go to the URL and it works.

Easily Get Files In and Out

There is some basic peace of mind when people are allowed to get their information in and out seamlessly. Rawscripts has good, working import and export functions, but this ought to be always considered when adding on. What a user puts in, they ought be be able to get out.

Open Standards

In a project like this, open standards can only be good for productivity and innovation. In file formats, protocols, browser technology, data structures, hosting platforms – from top to bottom, we should encourage openness for interoperability, quickly improving our tools, and general transparency.

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